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Cable ties tie clips. Pressings & pressed bespoke precision metal components & stampings manufactured by Saren Engineering pressworks

Cable ties tie clips & pressings. Metal electrical wire buckle clips tenby wiring clips and bespoke precision pressings. Pressed metal components and stampings. These are a few of the products manufactured at Saren Engineering pressworks Birmingham West Midlands England United Kingdom Great Britain UK. We would be pleased to submit our proposals for all your metal pressing requirements.

Cable ties / tie clips

clips buckle tenby cable clips metal heavy duty pressingsA branded product range of BUCKLE CLIPS designed for both light and heavy duty electrical wiring fastening applications for strength and reliability made from different metals (electro tinned brass and aluminium) are manufactured and supplied to Electricity Supply Companies and Electrical Contractors both at home and abroad.

Sizes mm/inches Type
25mm/1,000" Electro Tin Plated Brass
35mm/1.375" Electro Tin Plated Brass
41mm/1.625" Electro Tin Plated Brass
44mm/1.750" Electro Tin Plated Brass
50mm/2.000" Electro Tin Plated Brass
63mm/2.500" Electro Tin Plated Brass
76mm/3.000" Electro Tin Plated Brass
102mm/4.000" Electro Tin Plated Brass
102mm/4.000" Aluminium
178mm/7.000" Self Colour Brass
178mm/7.000" Aluminium
220mm Hot Dipped Tinned Brass
220mm Aluminium
69mm Nickel Silver
80mm Nickel Silver
98mm Nickel Silver

Cable Size Suitable Clip Size Integrated Export
1mm sq T&E 35mm TARIFF NUMBER
1.5mm sq 35mm  
1.5mm sq x 2 41/44mm 741991 00 0
2.5mm 41/44mm  
2.5mm sq x 2 63mm  
6mm sq 50mm  
6mm sq x 2 76mm  

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Discount Structure
5,000 + less 20%
10,000 + less 30%
20,000 + less 40%

Brassed iron pin (nails) sizes and prices

Sizes mm/inches


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Operational quality procedures have led Saren Engineering to achieve ISO 9002 PT II which support Sarens own high standards and service in order to:



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