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Cable ties, cable tie, buckle clips. Pressings & pressed bespoke precision metal components & stampings manufactured by Saren Engineering pressworks

Cable ties, tie, clips & pressings. Metal electrical wire buckle clips tenby wiring clips and bespoke precision pressings. Pressed metal components and stampings. These are a few of the products manufactured at Saren Engineering pressworks Birmingham West Midlands England United Kingdom Great Britain UK. We would be pleased to submit our proposals for all your metal pressing requirements.


Saren engineering limited is aware that the performance of its management and workforce in regard to cost efficiency, quality of workmanship, on time delivery, response to customers, active communication and processing of orders to agreed programmes, is of crucial importance to its customers.

For this reason the finest technical skills and equipment are being brought together to provide their 'customer' with perminent high standards of performance, zero rejects, high quality pressed parts and components, and the guarantee of complete customer satisfaction.

Here are 6 proven reasons to go with Saren Engineering

  1. We guarantee you will not be let down we'll learn and understand your needs and always allow for some overs. That way, if you have a sudden run on stock, we can get you some parts urgently. We only use highly skilled staff.
  2. Proven track record of over 22 years working with customers across much of the manufacturing sector.
  3. Specialists in working with the Automotive industry.
  4. Flexible in providing batches from small size up to over 250,000.
  5. Unrivalled experience in providing bespoke solutions - a highly effective proto-type process if required, where we listen to your needs and work in partnership with our customers.
  6. We guarantee made in Britain - we are committed to the emerging movement to 'buy British' and hence protect UK jobs.

Please explore our website including hearing what other satisfied customers say about us.

Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority

Operational quality procedures have led Saren Engineering to achieve ISO 9002 PT II which support Sarens own high standards and service in order to:



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