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Cable ties tie clips. Pressings & pressed bespoke precision metal components & stampings manufactured by Saren Engineering pressworks

Cable ties tie clips & pressings. Metal electrical wire buckle clips tenby wiring clips and bespoke precision pressings. Pressed metal components and stampings. These are a few of the products manufactured at Saren Engineering pressworks Birminham West Midlands England United Kingdom Great Britain UK. We would be pleased to submit our proposals for all your metal pressing requirements.


Client testimonial - Garden Labelling - www.gardenlabelling.co.uk

"There are many Engineering companies throughout the UK but it is in my opinion that you'd have to look long and hard to find one who gives as good a service as you can expect from Mike and The Team at Saren Engineering.

We've worked with Mike Eager since 2006, when we approached him to build our products. From our initial meeting to this very day I am pleased to say that Mike (and his Teams) attitude towards our product and our business objectives have always been met with same high regard. Every question we ask gets answered, every design issue we raise gets "tweaked", every delivery schedule we request is met and always with the same "No problem, Bev" reply.

We would highly recommend Saren Engineering to anyone who has a need for their services."


Client testimonial - G. R Fasteners & Engineering Supplies Ltd


G. R Fasteners & Engineering Supplies Ltd would like to thank you for your support in the short time we have been dealing with you. We are very pleased with the professionalism and very high level of service and product you have provided, which are all qualities we endeavour to give to our customers.


Client testimonial - Toolspec Manufacturing Co. Limited, Luton

The Managing Director of Toolspec Manufacturing Co. Limited, Dick Corking, has this to say about Saren as the major supplier of pressings used in their tubular components, for the past ten years: 

"The people at Saren Engineering are helpful and responsive. We talk things through and have a good relationship, both of which are very important in our kind of business. When suppliers like Saren are friendly, their work is good and the price is right - then they get the job.

I'd give Saren better than 8 out of 10 every time for their honesty, integrity and professionalism.

That's a high recommendation from a discerning engineering company such as my own."


Client testimonial - United Parts Driver Control Systems UK, Birmingham

Rachel Maddox, Supplier Scheduler of United Parts, said of Saren Engineering:


"We order a variety of Saren’s products because they’re reliable. These products do the job they’re meant to do and do it very well." "They jump through hoops for us and that’s much appreciated: an urgent order phoned in the morning will be personally delivered that afternoon. This kind of service isn’t available from any other company."

"We deal with Saren because they give, quite simply, the best delivery, quality and customer care"

"They offer a very friendly service. I would rate them ten out of ten for their honesty, integrity and professionalism."


We are pleased to provide our customers with permanent high standards of performance, zero rejects, high quality pressed metal parts and components and the guarantee of complete customer satisfaction.


Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority

Operational quality procedures have led Saren Engineering to achieve ISO 9002 PT II which support Sarens own high standards and service in order to:



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